Training is essential if professionals and volunteers are able to spot the signs of abuse and know how to act in order to safeguard our children and young people.

Safeguarding and promoting the wellbeing of children and young people is everybody's business.

We provide a range of courses in partnership with the Derby Safeguarding Children Board for people working or volunteering with children and young people in Derbyshire and Derby City.

Learning and development opportunities

We provide general and specialist training to help build skills, knowledge, values and confidence when working with children, young people and families.

Courses are provided by a multi-agency pool of specialist trainers. There are also elearning courses available.

The Derby and Derbyshire Safeguarding Boards also quality assures independent safeguarding training providers so that organisations commissioning specific training packages can be confident that the training is good quality and up to date.

Choosing the right course for your role

Our Derbyshire safeguarding training programme has a wide range of learning and development opportunities, including; multi agency training, bespoke training to single agencies, e-learning and workshops. There is also a programme of safeguarding training for schools and colleges.

If you're a member of staff or a volunteer working with children and young people and are interested in our training courses and events, please follow these steps:

  • Consider your work with children, young people and families and your learning needs, and view the training pathway that relates to your role. The pathway documents are attached to this page.

  • Look through the Derbyshire safeguarding training programme which is attached to this page and decide which courses are relevant to your role.

  • Complete the application form attached to this page to book your place on a course or event.

For partner agencies that make an annual financial contribution for our training, places are free. For other agencies (private children's homes, private and free schools, private nurseries and academies) there is a charge of £95 for a full day and £45 for a half-day training session.

Derbyshire County Council employees should also view the children and younger adults integrated workforce development training.

If you have any queries regarding our training course, please contact the children's training team.

tel: 01629 531933 or 01629 531934

Safer Derbyshire

Safer Derbyshire is a multi-agency partnership based at County Hall, Matlock. They develop, deliver and arrange a wide range of  free community safety training for partner agencies in Derbyshire.

Here you will find training and awareness courses on:

  • community safety − introduction
  • counter terrorism
  • hate crime awareness
  • multi agency risk assessment conferences (MARAC)
  • multi agency public protection arrangements (MAPPA)
  • child sexual exploitation training
  • domestic abuse training

National Working Group (NWG)

NWG provides substantial support and advice to those working with children and young people under 18 who are affected by abuse through sexual exploitation.

View the NWG website for access to support, advice and resources.

Approved training providers

The Derby and Derbyshire Safeguarding Children Boards quality assurance scheme makes sure that independent safeguarding training meets rigorous quality standards for content and is provided by organisations who use suitably qualified and knowledgeable trainers.

If you are thinking of booking an independent trainer and want peace of mind that they have met the standards set out in the training validation scheme please view the list of approved training providers attached to this page.