Missing children

The reasons why children and young people runaway or go missing are varied. Whatever the reason they're particularly vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.

It is important that steps are taken to ensure that a child’s wellbeing is promoted and they are protected from harm.

Take action if you're concerned about a child going missing

If you are concerned about a child who is missing you can find more information in the Derby and Derbyshire safeguarding children procedures manual.

Concerns about a missing child who may be in immediate danger should be raised with the police tel: 999.

In Derbyshire, the following guidance should be followed in the event of there being concerns that a child may be missing:

Children missing from education

The purpose of the children missing from education (CME) policy is to ensure that children and young people missing education are re-engaged in appropriate education provision in the shortest possible time, with lasting success and that 'no child slips through the net'.

CME policy and guidance can be found on SchoolsNet.