Missing children

The reasons why children and young people runaway or go missing are varied. Whatever the reason they're particularly vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.

Take action if your child has gone missing

Concerns about a missing child who may be in immediate danger should be raised with the police tel: 999.

It would be helpful to have the following available if you are reporting a missing child:

  • date and time the person was last seen and who by
  • what they were wearing when they were last seen
  • their description, such as height, colouring, marks or scars
  • their address
  • any family, friends, or places they often go
  • the registration of any car they have access to, if possible
  • other means of transport, such as a bus or rail card
  • any enquiries that have been made to find out the person's whereabouts.
  • any vulnerabilities they have, such as medical needs or a disability

Parents may also find it helpful to talk about their worries with practitioners who know the child such as school staff or health professionals.