Information and guidance for schools and colleges

Teenagers can become victims and perpetrators of abusive relationships and we want them to rethink their views of violence, abuse or controlling behaviour in relationships.

The This is Abuse website provides information for teenagers in heterosexual and same sex relationships, as well as male victims. There is an online discussion forum where young people can comment on the adverts and share their experiences as well as further information and advice on the subject of relationship abuse and details of where people can go for further help.

The Safer Derbyshire website also contains lots of useful information about domestic abuse.

Derbyshire domestic violence and abuse guidance for schools and education providers

This guidance aims to support primary, secondary and other education settings by providing education about domestic violence and abuse and helps schools to tackle the potential impact on children and young people.

This guidance replaces the services commissioned historically by Derbyshire County Council and delivered by the voluntary sector in schools. It has been developed to support schools to deliver these lessons to children and young people as an essential and integral part of their personal, social and health education (PSHE) provision. It also includes details of other organisations that can offer further information and guidance on this topic.

This guidance is available on the domestic abuse guidance for school section of the Safer Derbyshire website.

School and education providers safeguarding children policy template

This template is for use by schools and education providers and can be adapted to suit each individual provision. The template is available to download from the related documents section.

Other useful sources of information

The Stop anti-bullying award has been designed to give accredited recognition to the commendable work of our schools and education settings, in effectively responding to and managing incidents of bullying and peer conflict.

The following information is also available to help schools and education providers:

Guidance and advice for schools regarding Bullying behaviour.

Guidance for schools, governors, parents, teachers and non teaching staff around homophobia, biphobia and transphobia.

Guidance, information and support regarding cyberbullying.

Advice regarding bullying involving children with special educational needs and disabilities.

Barnardo's "Wud U?" App

Wud U, is an educational tool for teachers and care professionals who interact with children and young people that might be at risk of sexual exploitation.

The app aims to educate young people about behaviour that could put them at risk of being sexual exploited, through illustrated, interactive stories.

Wud U? will enable you to present sensitive issues to groups of young people. You will be able to discuss the decisions that they would make if they were in the same situation as the characters within the stories. The app also offers advice about their decisions.

Through the Wud U? App you can:

  • Demonstrate how young people can make safe decisions.
  • Provide your group with more information about sexual exploitation, from a trusted source.
  • Help Barnardo's raise awareness of sexual exploitation by sharing the Wud U? app.

Related documents

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