Children and young people

If you are a child or young person, this section of the website is for you.

 We can help you if:

  • You are being mistreated or abused by someone and you are not sure what to do.
  • You think another child or young person is being mistreated or abused and you want to speak to someone about your concerns;.
  • You need advice or need to talk to someone confidentially. 

We can also help and offer advice on things such as: 

  • How to stay safe online.
  • What to do if you are being bullied or cyberbullied. 
  • What is a healthy relationship. 

If you are worried about the safety or wellbeing of yourself or another child, please see the reporting concerns section of our website to find out how to get help. 

Please be aware that all the information in this section is currently under review. If the information that you are looking for is not here, or if you have any queries about anything on our website, please contact us. We want to help.